One of my final exam has to write 2 paragraphs about a person, place, or issue that I care about, and I have to follow those following rules:
The first paragraph should introduce my topic, the second paragraph should give details or opinion.
It has to use the following constructions correctly: (All requirements make me crazy.)
1.Definite, indefinite, and zero article.(3) ( the/ a/ an..)
2.Past (any kind), present (any kind), and causative passive (3)
3.Real and unreal or mixed conditional (2)
4.A modal for obligation or lack of obligation (1)
5. A modal for advice or regret.
6. An adverb clause for contrast, time, place, or unexpect result (2)
7. A subject and an object adjective clause.( 2)
8. A reduced adjective clasue (1)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Children of the River by Linda Crew Here we go!
I would like to tell you about a person whom I care about deeply. It is my host mother. Whenever people ask me why I love her so much, I answer them saying it is the special friendship that bonds us together. If I had never met her, I would not have known that people outside of my family could take care of me. Because my host mom cares about me and treats me like her own daughter, I respect her and trust her judgment. Sometimes we have disagreement, but we always manage to iron out our differences and find the best solutions through communication. If we cannot find solutions, then I will follow my heart and do what is best for me.
My host mother is not my real mother but takes very good care of me. Although I do not live with her, I am thinking about buying a gift for her. Giving a gift for thanks, she might feel happy. If I ask for her help, she will help me immediately. She is a really nice person. I would like to introduce her to you when you have free time. You will find the reason why I keep in touch with her. I hope you will like her just as much as I do.



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