The most interesting thing about this seminar was learning that the powerful pulsed laser might damage the vision if not used in the way it was designed to be used. In addition to this since the pulsed laser has short width, we can image the pulse lasers are bursting like machine gun fire. Data on the repetition rate of the pulsed laser can be gathered from the target so that an analysis can be performed later. 

          As a non-contact processing method, laser has its unique advantages and there are lots of applications in medicine, for example: drug delivery, tumor labeling, and tumor destruction. As the research in the pulsed laser field continues developing, the application of pulsed lasers will be more and more widespread.

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Happy New Year 2020
🎉Happy New Year 2020 !


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Time flies by and it's the end of 2019.  Want to tell all my friends and family " Happy new year & best luck and wish to you all."
What a wonderful day
想要對我的朋友和家人說新年快樂, 祝福大家新的一年都會天天開心, dreams come true!

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Started on Dec 15 to New Year's Eve, the most popular Christmas lighting event is back at Peacock Lane.

You can take a walk to this beautiful neighbor for Christmas displays.


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Time flies, and New Year is just around the corner.

Happy holidays

Just want to say happy holiday to all my friends, and wish you all have a very merry christmas!

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This building was new to me when I returned as a student last year. It's located at 632 SW Hall St. ,Portland, OR

Now KMC becomes one of my favorite places on campus. 


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Time flies, and it's time for me to prepare for the Comprehensive Exam.


When most students are on their way home , I am on my way to the library. Since the comprehensive exam is scheduled on the first weekend of the first few weeks of the winter term.

I need to believe in myself that I can pass the comprehensive exam. So I study hard during the winter break.

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This is the first time I made the dumpling from scratch.

it might not be perfect but I did like the experience.

I got the dumpling pastry from the store, and I only had to prepare the stuffing.

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Multnomah Fall is a beautiful landmark along I-84 in Oregon.

Multnomah Fall

The hike trail to the top of Falls is not very far away from the information center. We spent less than one hour to get on the top. 

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Speaker: Professor Ajay Gopinathan

Date : Sep/30/2019

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When I returned to the US from Taiwan, I had a chance to visit International Rose Test Garden. Finally I have time to write it down.


( It is a free garden, but the parking spot are very limited. Highly recommended to come by Trimet to Washington Park then take the free shuttle bus.)

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As the school starts at the end of last month, we are having events to get more information in different field.

For a note to myself, I would keep writing a summary to have a record of each seminar if I have available time.

 Portland Japaness Garden (This photo is not elated to this topic just to separate the writing part only).

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When I was working in Taiwan, I felt like working is the most importnat to keep me there. Lots of work loading made my life really stress out.


Last year I quitted from a well-paid job, and decided to be a student again.

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Hiking is a very popular activity for us to do during the weekend, but remember that is also very important for knowing your ability. Do not over use your energy when you go hiking.

Indian point loop hiking

Last month before the Fall term started, we went hiking in the Indian Point Loop where starting point located at Herman Creek Trailhead .

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During summer break, I got lots of training done. Therefore I am ready to become a mentor for new coming internation student on campus.

2019-20 ISMP.jpg

( The above photo was taken before the orientation for graduate student.)

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