Right after I relocated myself into new apartment, it was time for me to get ready for Christmas vacation. Most of students booked flight tickets for Christmas vacation. Normally I would be on the same boat to fly home for a short visit, but this time I spent my vacation in Hood River just like what I used to do in the past. Of course, we went out to see those pretty Christmas lights in town.

Christmas Eve 2018

This one is always the best one in my mind! It is The Oak Street Hotel. They did lots of hard work to make the result so pretty!

There is one more you must see when you are in town.

Christmas Eve 2018

The person who owns this place welcome people to drive through for closer looking of those lights!

I like to see how people spent time for the holiday, and I do take lots photo to find the best one. Sometimes the weather makes the difficult to get good pictures.

 Christmas 2018

This year I received several gifts which I need in daily life, and I am thankful to have friends and family around during the holiday !

Happy holiday to all of my friends.





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