The speaker is a Lead Physics instructor from Clackamas Community College. The main research ideas from the speaker not only help underperforming students do better performance in general physics courses, but also give instructors chances to prepare better for general physics. The reason to focus on this research is to give basic concepts to students, who do not have any background knowledge in physics in order to succeed as they move forward to general physics or other related fields.



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To be honest, I like the spring term the best, not only the weather is getting warmer, but also the lab experiments are having so much fun!

This term the teaching lab is related to waves and optics. (Sometimes we need to work in the dark but we still have good time in the lab.)


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This year the cherry blossoms at Tom McCall Waterfront Park comes a little late, not during the apring break.


The weather was too good to take a good picture.

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Beautiful sunshine makes the spring break bright!


I saw the clouds changing from dinosaur to crocodile!

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It is the second annual "Ladies's Lab night". We prepared it with several lab equipments for fun time.


They created Chladni pattern by adjusting the frequency. 

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When there are friends come to visit Portland, most of time the Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park will be on a must-see list, and we also add the Tram on the list. By the way, even you have a Hop fastpass, you still need to get the ticket before you take the train. Since our friends will take off in few hours, we decide to show them a sky bird view of the city.

There are several ways to get to OHSU.  For example, taking public transit i.e. Bus, Light RailTrain. The Fare for the Tram is round way, and you only show it once to the staff on your way upto OHSU. When there are friends come to visit Portland, most of time the Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park will be on a must-see list, and we also add the Tram on the list.

Marquam Hill Upper Tram Terminal

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When I was a freshman, we used a white bread board to do the general physics experiment. Nowadays, students have circuit board to practice anything related to Electronic Circuit. They do not need to worry about having short loop or unexpected accidents in the lab.

Circuit Board

Few of my students do not like to use those wires for building series or parallel circuits. For me, it is always fun to play with lightbulbs, even it might be dim lighting still showing something.

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Right after I relocated myself into new apartment, it was time for me to get ready for Christmas vacation. Most of students booked flight tickets for Christmas vacation. Normally I would be on the same boat to fly home for a short visit, but this time I spent my vacation in Hood River just like what I used to do in the past. Of course, we went out to see those pretty Christmas lights in town.

Christmas Eve 2018

This one is always the best one in my mind! It is The Oak Street Hotel. They did lots of hard work to make the result so pretty!

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Last week was long week to me. Not only I had to take final exam for 500 level, but I also needed to grading final exam for 200 level course. I knew that most students studied at the Library since it was opened 24/7 during final week, but I could not do that anymore. 

Nice Sunny Day


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When we were scheduled the proctor for general physics final exam, I was lucky enough not to be put on the prctor list. In other words no need to work on my birthday, but I do need to grade exam papers the nexr day. At least on my birthday, I am able to prepare for my own final exam for fall term before enjoy my birthday dinner.


Happy Birthay to myself :)

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The school was closed for Thanksgiving long weekend last week, and I had a chance to be in a relaxing place for short vacation.

it was a good time for me to stay in Hood River.

Long weekend at HR

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This is a summary for a seminar


Nuclear fusion is a very clean way to produce energy, in comparison to those energy production processes that might cause pollution or high costs, such as coal or oil. Nuclear fusion requires a low carbon cost with very low fuel, not only reducing the amount of greenhouse gas but also decreasing the pollution to the surroundings.

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This is just a brief note to give a picture of what I am doing recently. After understanding the projects, we start to work on some devices. It requires steady hand to hold on the small item. I am glad that my hands are cooperating most of the time.Practice make things perfect

Also team work is a must have for the project to go on a smooth path. If I got upset, our team members can share the loading. It also requires some patients for us to practice before doing the real serious work.


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I just found out that around five years ago, I wrote something related to this topic, but I did my work without using that as a reference. 

I. Introduction: Nanotechnology is an application of science in order to study the characteristics of the material or devices in Nano-scale. Nowadays, nanotechnology is used in biology, physics, and chemical field.

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My favorite season is Fall because we always have a good harvest at this time of year. As usual I had paperwork to finish up before taking a short break.  IMG_4596.JPG

Since I was exhausted and I felt that I could not take the stress anymore, 

The best way for myself to recharge is to be in Hood River.

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